Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to High Lakes Art-in-a-Box 2010-2011!

Welcome Art-in-a-Box volunteers to another year of creativity and learning.  We are so lucky at High Lakes to have the parent involvement and PTA support that make this program happen.  As I'm sure you know, our teachers do a GREAT job of integrating art into the classroom whenever they can, but often time and materials are limited.  Art-in-a-Box serves to enhance the curriculum at High Lakes by giving students more opportunities to learn about art and explore techniques and concepts with their minds and hands.

For those of you who are new to High Lakes, or have not volunteered for Art-in-a-Box before, I encourage you to join the fun.  It's a great way to be a part of your child's classroom, and both the students and teachers always look forward to the Art-in-a-Box lessons.  Seeing the art that you helped the children make hanging up in the halls is something to be proud of!  You do not need to have experience in art to volunteer;  everything you need is ready to go for you, in the box and on the cart.  That's what Art-in-a-Box is all about!  Three times a year, in fall, winter and spring, you wheel the cart into your child's classroom and share the lesson with the class.  A short training, a two-hour commitment in the classroom, and a spark of enthusiasm for art is all that's needed.

I am very honored and excited to take over as chair of Art-in-a-Box this year, following in the footsteps of the artist Sarah Hansen.  She put much time, energy, knowledge and passion into the lessons for the last several years.  I learned a lot from her about art and presenting art to children in the two years that I have been volunteering.  I am equally committed to developing engaging, interesting and developmentally appropriate lessons and projects for our students at High Lakes.  Check back soon, as I post the lesson for our first artist of the year--Emily Carr.  Fall training is Monday, October 4th in the library from 8:30-9:30.  I hope to see you there!


Sara Lehto


  1. What's the theme this year? Does it apply to Kindergarten?

  2. Yes, Kindergarten participates in Art-in-a-Box as well! I adapt the lessons for Kindergarten by making the presentation a bit shorter and the project age appropriate. There is no overall theme for the year like there is for the Reflections art program; we do three lessons a year on a different artist or art style. The lesson for fall is on Emily Carr--one of the most important artists from Canada. She truly was unique and interesting! I will post both the Kindergarten and 1-5 lesson soon, and I hope to see you at the training.